Capture Life

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” -Dorothea Lange

Since 2004 I was working as a self-employed person in the IT business in Vienna, Austria before I founded the IT company named “bitRACE GmbH” in 2008 and I’m working as its CEO ever since. I still love the IT world and I am more than lucky because in fact we at bitRACE are not only a team, we are a family! Nevertheless there was always something I have deeply missed in the short-lived IT business: To build something that lasts forever.

A photography gives me something to remember

I am taking photographs for decades now and a few years ago I started to study as much about photography as I could and started to take every opportunity that I could get to take new pictures. In April 2013 I got the chance to take pictures of the newborn son of a very close friend. In the following days and weeks I was able to witness how the pictures where shared with his friends and family and it deeply touched me because those pictures will probably still be around decades from now.

A few weeks later I registered the photography business as a side-job. Of course, my focus is still in the IT business but luckily, the two businesses can very well be reconciled.  And I’m more than happy that my beautiful fiancée Sabrina is sharing my passion for photography. Her often completely different, non technical approach still fascinates me and is an enrichment to every photo shooting. We are working as a team whenever possible and the only thing that exceeds our love for photography is the love for each other.


Horst Bursik


Sabrina Dusch